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Lane Thames

Contact Information:
210 Technology Circle
Savannah, GA 31407

Academic Research


Distributed Internet Security. Investigate systems and architectures for distributed Internet security. Developed the Firewall Collaboration Framework, which is a general framework for firewall systems that dynamically create and distribute security policies when attacks are detected within computers and networks. Designed, investigated, and developed the Distributed Firewall and Active Response Architecture, which is a specific implementation of the firewall collaboration framework.

Multi-Dimensional Packet Classification Algorithms. Investigate novel algorithms for highly-efficient packet classification in firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, routers, and general-purpose packet filters. Develop novel constructs such as Semantic Association Networks, the Parallel Prefix Encoding Language, and the Path Matrix Encoding of Cross Products for efficient packet classification systems. Designed a novel 8T/9T Passive-Read/Active-Write SRAM architecture for high-frequency-read/low-frequency-write associative memory applications . Designed a novel bit-vector-based associative memory for multi-dimensional packet classification, which provides superior performance gains in terms of energy-per-operation and search speed as compared to the industry standard Ternary Content Addressable Memory . Designed a novel partitioning algorithm for IPv4/v6 forwarding table operations .

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems. Investigate artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, and hybrid intelligent systems and algorithms for detection of and response to computer and network attacks. Various technologies used during these investigations include artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, self-organizing maps, probabilistic Bayesian learning networks, and genetically-evolved collective computational intelligence systems.

Engineering Education. Investigate technical and pedagogical aspects of information technologies used in distributed/distance engineering education environments and remotely controlled engineering laboratory coursework.

Distributed Design and Manufacturing Systems. Investigate and design distributed infrastructures for geographically distributed, additive-manufacturing and rapid-prototyping systems for engineering design and engineering design education.

Collaboration Platforms and Generalized Cloud Computing. Establish generalized cloud computing and X-as-a-service technologies based on my Distributed Infrastructure Centralized Interfacing Systems (DICIS) model for collaboration platforms and design-at-a-distance infrastructures. These investigations and designs incorporate emerging technologies such as social networking to enhance collaborative design, mass collaboration, mass customization, immersive innovation, and intellectual-property-centric workflows.


Other Research Interests